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Ways to make this site more Web 2.0

Dec 17, 2010 at 6:23 PM


Users can provide the data that is on this website and exercise some control over the data. This site should have an "Architecture of participation" that will encourage users to add value to the site as they use it.

To achieve this "user centered design" the developer should incorporate the following:

1.      Information Access Control: The site should have log-in pages for different users- the general user and the restaurant owner.

2.      Social Media: users should interact and collaborate with each other through dialogue, discussion groups as they use the information provided by the website.

 2. Comments: Users should be able to post their comments or remarks on the different restaurants, their lunch, dinner and breakfast meals

3. Ratings: Users should also be allowed to rate the restaurants on the website.

4.  Uploading of Content by the user: there should be an interface that will allow users to upload their data or information to the website